Friday, December 16, 2016


They say hearts are broken
By words left unspoken
But all hopes are shattered
When you find your words never mattered
And all your dreams come crashing down

They say time will heal
The wounds and the pain you feel
But the scars left behind
At times spent together they remind
Are worse than the wound that caused them

They say you should set it free
If your love is true
It will return to you
But for me it was like a balloon
I let go of the string too soon
Now I just stare at it disappear in the horizon

Now don't say I did not try
A single tear I will not cry
What I lost was never mine
What you have turned down could have been yours forever.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Just a dream

It is not often that I  remember dreams but I had this dream more than once. It is more like a memory of my externship at K.E.M. hospital.The Medicine Houseman calling me and scolding me for not starting FBS blood collection.Sleep deprived,hungry,exhausted from I am just standing there looking at her chubby white cheeks turn red with anger as this music is playing in the background :

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Long story Short

Whenever people especially girls ask me "Did you have any girlfriends in the past?". I turn my head down and say "No". Then they look at me with astonishment and  as if looking down on me ask "Why?" And I give them a rote reply: From observing my friends with girlfriends I have come to the conclusion that I didn't have any girlfriends because l lack the cardinal quality required for having a girlfriend -'Ability to lie without getting caught' ;Everytime I lie either no one believes me or I am caught.
Then I turn my head down again, smirk and say to myself ,if "I say I lie"it is like "A Brit saying all Brits are liers".

Saturday, June 8, 2013


The winds from the west carry your essence,
Though you are far away I can feel your presence.
The tides rise and fall each day the same,
The waves seem to chant your name.
These along chats are no match for your touch,
How do I tell you I miss you so much.
But then I thank God for giving me a reason for existence,
After a lotus blooms seeing the Sun because of it's distance.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Explanation for "Doctor's Love Song aka Drug of Choice"

I wrote this song a long time ago seeing someone's dark brown eyes and now I realized very few fully appreciated the song because the nobody fully understood it. For those not belonging to the non medical fraternity I am writing this explanation. Please give feed back.
if you haven't read the song please refer the previous post on the blog.

Lugol's iodine is a dark brown coloured solution (colour of someone's eyes) containing potassium iodide and elemental iodine.
Thyroid storm is an emergency condition triggered by an infection in an hyper thyroid patient causing high fever, increased heart rate, restlessness etc.
Lugol's iodine acts on the thyroid gland and reduces the production of thyroid hormone also it reduces the blood supply to the gland and makes the gland firmer hence easier to operate upon.That is why even though there are other drugs available I prefer Lugol's iodine.One more thing lugol's iodine can only be given for a 5-7 days if given for a longer period it causes an increase in thyroid hormone worsening the condition.

P.falciparum is the only strain of the 4 found that has a gene which gives it resistance against chloroquine.In addition, it's life cycle is a bit different than the others so it is more invasive.It can also cause cerebral malaria which is fatal.Quinine acts like a magic drug against this type showing response from the first dose itself and hence it is reserved for treatment of chloroquine resistant malaria.
Though resistance to quinine was also seen due to indiscriminate use.It's use was stopped for some time ,the stopping caused the organisms to be sensitive to it again and so it remains the most economic drug.Though it can cause destruction of RBC's causing the haemoglobin to be excreted in urine giving it a black colour which is known as "black water fever".

Anaphylaxis is a severe type of allergic reaction.There is a massive release of histamine which causes blood vessels to dilate and the blood pressure to drop leading to shock, it also causes oedema (swelling) and sometimes out can also cause laryngeal oedema so the airway gets blocked making it impossible to breathe.In such a serious scenario only drug that can act quick enough is adrenaline which constricts the blood vessels, increases the blood pressure, reduces the oedema and opens the airway like giving one more breath to a drowning man.
But it is a very risky to administer because if not properly diluted it can cause arrhythmia (irregular heart beat) ,convulsions and ultimately Death.

Hypertensive crisis is the rise in blood pressure above 160/100 mmHg with possibility of damage to organs.It is requires immediate medical attention as intravenous drugs have to be started as soon as possible.Rarely is it possible to reach the hospital on time and for this there needs to be an alternative is a drug that can be administered by a layman and acts quickly. Right now the only one available is sublingual Nifedipine.Though there is a big controversy about it's use because of irregular absorption and causing cerebral steal(stealing blood supply from the brain) by pooling of blood in the extremities and its use for hypertensive crisis has been banned in some countries but in India I have seen it being used that too effectively so for me it remains the drug of choice.

The above mentioned drugs have a major action on heart and can kill the heart muscle i.e. cause cardiotoxicity if not used in proper way.hence they are classified under schedule H and to be taken under supervision of a registered medical practitioner.

Similarly Love is a drug , even though it has its adverse effects and side effects , some of which are unavoidable, at times it is life saving. 

In other words : One man's MEDICINE is another man's POISON.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

A Burning Desire

Why does the sun burn with fire,
does he have an unfulfilled desire?
A thousand Moons revolve around it but none that he can call his own.
Is that why the earth is full of life?
It has just one moon but it's very own.
I think sometime the sun may have tried,
To get close to the moon.
But watching the moon suffer in it's fiery wrath,
He stopped himself in his path.
So now he waits and watches from afar,
And there he shall stay till he becomes a neutron star..

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Gulabi ainak

To be sung to the tune of "gulabi aakhein" by Atif Aslam.
and for those who don't know ainak is hindi for spectacles and EAA= Essential Amino acids.

Gulabi ainak jo teri dekhi,
chocolate mein yeh dil kho gaya.
sambhalo mujhko
oh mere yaro sambhalna mushkil ho gaya.

chocolate tere,
fortified with whey.
containing all 10 EAA..
kha ke mujhe
ye kya hua
But i don't think it is due to the whey.

Now what to say,
in the mouth it melts away.
Like thousand bombs in array..

Bas ek piece
jo maine khaya
main tera bismil ho gaya..

Gulabi ainak jo teri dehkhi